Most people don’t even care if they are following God’s plan for their lives or they accept what someone else tells them it must be and follow that.  Isn’t the further question – don’t we just NOT know what it is.  Did Jesus’s life “have a plan”?  One verse about a plan – in Jeremiah – out of context.  God knows the plan.  Doesn’t mean he tells us.  So the plan is a focus of man trying to make God’s will for our lives make mortal man’s sense. 

To wake up in the morning there is no plan but that God is there is existential, if not prophetic.  Literally “what is it you would have me do” becomes unanswerable.  It is “what is it you would have me be” becomes the question.  “DOING SOMETHING” is not an issue.  It is for our flesh.  NOT his will/walk for our lives though we we all struggle wherever we are put.    Period.

Me – thinking I am not ready yet or not where God wants me to be.  Wishful thinking.  This is where I am and the reason is not for me to know but to be his hands and feet in the world where I can.  And perhaps to indulge myself more where he is near.  Perhaps the world will realize I don’t want to be anywhere more than in worship.  But that’s not the point.  Just to be there.  Let me admit I am just in love with being near the Lord when I can be.  And let it go and not worry about what it means.  Or what people think or what their motivation is.  Just start there.  All the other things I could be doing are semi worthless.  If I don’t plan my days out of guilt — but where do I want to be most.  In the holy place. Ps. 84. 

Start there.

My journey of faith comes down to, I want to be with people who want to be in God’s presence as much as I do and will make changes in their lives to see to it he is there as much as possible.  That is all.


About dropsofspirit

Mom, intermittent theologian, artist, songwriter
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