Things are not happening with God.

They are happening in me.

It is not that God is new.

It is that he makes me new.

What others put on God is what they want to change in the world/themselves

but they don’t want to change.

God changes us if we let him.

Makes us  more like him if we let him.

And then we are not like us.  And we like us the way we are.

We say we want to be like him and then go away and act like us again.

We know what it is to feel he is near but we don’t want it to make us feel uncomfortable or less proud or less ourselves, secure.

It is only in his presence (recognition of it) we realize the valuelessness of being ourselves.  His love melts away the need to be us.  We take years to craft an identity his love melts in one tear.  One breaking light, one breeze, one pin-prick.  We are dissolved in his love.  That is hard to take the first 20 times or so.  Then you realize there is no point in trying anymore because you are frail and futile and so unworthy of his grace and are hollow without his peace.

When the inner war is over and there are no more words to say.  When all your thoughts are transparent before him and your life becomes a prayer.  You reflect his love entirely.  Now you are more like him.


The hot spring turns over

refreshes reveals

cleanses the brine

doesn’t make sense

Will the marshy places always be undrinkable

Will they always be left for salt?



About dropsofspirit

Mom, intermittent theologian, artist, songwriter
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