Maybe after all this time I have had placed it on me that it’s to ok be this spiritual and for me it can make sense.  I have distrusted all my own intentions or I believed the tempter telling me that my motives were selfish and fleshly and I still can’t feel clear.

But today in saying it out loud and realizing I might be starving myself, staying directionless, unfocused

I only ever really had one dream and it was was to share my songs with the world

I would never have the nerve to bring it forth on my own.  I can’t tolerate self promotion

But is all I have been given just to have them be sung to myself and God?

or are they all just for me and as Elaine said I am not even listening to my own song?

What is missing in me is my own life.

and even if I were to give my whole life to the Lord I can’t decrease to the point of vanishing.


About dropsofspirit

Mom, intermittent theologian, artist, songwriter
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