10-4-12 painting the swamp vision

The key is in the surety

Ye receive not because ye ask not

and when ye ask ye ask amiss


But to approach the altar as the bench

State your case as if it were the last judgment

Beg your plea as if your soul weighed on it

But just as importantly his character

Although no one has asked God what are you doing

How many have challenged his intentions within our paths!

More than I can hear, these people

I did not birth them, what am I to do with them?


this is the assertiveness, the vulnerability

to say I can’t do this for these people God

so that he can say I gave you words and a mouth and my Spirit.

So there will always be doubters

But if God said it, surely it will come to pass

Sooner or later, it will come to pass.

You will be you, the way will find you

what you were to be will make sense in that place and time

so that it can come to pass

Though the vision is delayed

Wait for it, it will not tarry

God does not tarry as some say



Write the vision,

make it plain on tablets

that they may run who read it.

For the vision is yet for an appointed time

Though it tarry, wait for it

It will not tarry

(in my mind this echoes)

(then I opened to Psalm 107: 33-38

he turns a desert into pools of water)

I don’t need to interpret the vision

I only need to write it so a runner may read it.

A fresh hot spring flowing up from within

a brackish swamp tangled with

weeds – overflowing the banks

bringing vegetation to the dry land


About dropsofspirit

Mom, intermittent theologian, artist, songwriter
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