Handed Our Own Lives 9-24-07

Written the day Linda told me of her diagnosis

We all would like to be

Part of an epic of grand proportion

What would it mean to be

Handed our own lives out of your mercy


We are born children of a fallen humanity

Out of depravity, circumstance and hardship

To labor under the heat of the noontime sun

And the burden of our sin

And what does it bring to us but vanity

series of comparisons of the same denarii

We want to measure out your grace

In a way we can contain

But in your love that’s all washed away 


We spend our time rushing towards our own Jerusalems

As if it were money spent

To your private trust Lord

As if we could prepare a place for ourselves

By obedience alone

And have we forgotten to live in community

While the least of these

Stands alone before us

Can we spend our love as recklessly 

As the one who so unselfishly

Gave his life to find us free

(repeat chorus)


About dropsofspirit

Mom, intermittent theologian, artist, songwriter
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