Can’t find a way 11-12-07

Lord I know how

I know what to do 

but I can’t seem to find a way

to get to you


It used to be so easy

Just to find the way

to be with you away from everything

But now I go in circles

wondering how or why or when to pray

and are you listening?


I’ve been faithless, you remain faithful

I’ve been selfish, you extend your hand

I’ve been childish, I’ve been ungrateful

In this world I’m a grain of sand


Lord I thought I knew how

Thought I knew what to do

But I can’t seem to find a way

To find you


In a time that was simpler

I dreamed a dream in you

I didn’t know you would bid me to live

My heart’s out on my sleeve Lord

If what I speak melts one heart

Then help me forgive

Do they whisper

And yet smile at me

Do my eyes

Set me apart

I’ve felt lonesome

I’ve felt like a prophet

My one consolation

Lord, you see their hearts


Does what I say or do matter

Only to you

And to whom do I answer 

Only to you

Pierce my heart again Lord

Show me how I need you

Bring me back to the place where

It’s just me and you


Lord I don’t know how

I don’t know what to do

That’s when you reminded me

“I am always with you.”


About dropsofspirit

Mom, intermittent theologian, artist, songwriter
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