Thurs or Fri night I was worshiping and I saw the Spirit hover like a wisp over the cong. Again. (above the sanctuary waiting to descend) Then I saw myself standing where I stood to give the meditation and in front of me was a cross in the air (two parallelograms overlapped to make a plus sign) but it was like a slice out of time or made out of panels of slipping into another dimension – like see through mirrors – thin and yet thick at once.  And I got the deep impression of the 4 dimensions historically politically geographically strategically where St. Peter’s is placed for revival

And also the 4 lines of the cross were Jesus’ sacrifice so that we can be one with the Father (I can’t remember it all) and it was like we were all to step into the cross through it as if to a new dimension   and I kept saying over and over Lord your cross is the gateway – to life –

the reading in church today was John 12 and Pastor preached on this ending with saying that death is a door to life

there is a break in the middle life – death – life and he ended it by saying Living by the cross is life   Living to the world is death

I feel as if I am truly walking in a different dimension of faith since I went to talk to him last Monday. I feel like I am finally living out the best part of who I am.


The kingdom of this world


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